Halal Accreditation

Halal certification helps compliant companies gain access to nearly a quarter of the world's population.

If you are aiming to sell your products domestically or export internationally to more than 1.6 billion consumers, you will need to obtain Halal certification from an internationally recognized organization like Islamic Services of America (ISA).

Halal certifiers in the USA are many, but very few are internationally recognized. ISA is unique in that it is recognized as a certifier for products and ingredients requiring Halal certification worldwide.

To gain access to worldwide markets and ensure your company’s success, get your Halal certification from a source globally recognized in over 70 countries - ISA

ISA has been recognized by LP POM-MUI and AIFDC-ICU (Indonesia), MUIS (Singapore), JAKIM and DVS (Malaysia) since their inceptions in the 1980s or earlier. These Southeast Asia nations strongly enforce Halal standards for products made in their countries and those that are imported.  Their continuous recognition upholds ISA’s commitment to Halal standards. while simultaneously making the certification process as seamless as possible for businesses.

ISA is recognized by the Mother Mosque of America, the oldest surviving mosque in the USA, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Additionally the Muslim American Society and Islamic Centers across the USA have acknowledged ISA for its integrity in maintaining Halal Standards.