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Looking for information on what Halal means for you? Or are you interested knowing the difference between Halal and Kosher or Halal and Zabiha? The I.S.A. team has put together information about Halal that will provide you with a clear understanding of Halal while dispelling myths and confusing information. Click here for specifics about Halal and general information about Islam.
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Are you committed to consuming Shariah compliant products for your family? Do you want to know if a favorite product or ingredient is Halal? If it is not Halal certified do you know how to recommend certification to the product’s producer? If you are looking for information on Halal meat and poultry, health and beauty products, pharmaceuticals, bakery products, flavors and ingredients and other consumables, look no further. I.S.A. is committed to helping you get the answers you are looking for.
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Are your products Halal certified? If not, your products are not reaching millions of consumers in the USA and Canada. Additionally, there are over a billion consumers of Halal products in emerging markets worldwide. Successful Halal certification will help you enter growing global markets and access consumers who are anxious to purchase your Halal compliant products. At I.S.A. we are “Your Visa to Halal Markets Worldwide”. Click here for more information.
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