Halal Certification Process Flowchart

Request for Application 

Initial discussion concerning Halal certification prospects

Submission of Application

Details of ingredients, manufacturer and products

Field Representative/Inspector Assigned

ISA Coordinator to coordinate certification process

Plant Inspection

Representative to evaluate site

Additional Information Requested

Review of Application:

  • Field Representative's Report
  • Ingredients
  • Processes
Feasibility study by ISA; preparation for final review

Review of Application by ISA staff

Evaluation and approval of ISA

Contract Signed

Details of certification, supervision and financial obligations confirmed

Invoice Sent

ISA sends an invoice to be paid in full upon receipt

Plant Re-Inspection done by Field Representative/Inspector Representative confirms compliance with all Halal requirements

Certification Granted Letter of Certification issued - ISA symbol may be applied to certified products

*Plant Inspections need to be done annually thereafter to maintain "Halal-Approval Status"