Halal Certification Inquiry

  • ISA receives customer inquiry by phone or email.
  • Discussion points include determining type of industry, product line, number of products, whether for domestic and/or export and customer’s projected timeline needs.

Request for Application & Pricing

  • Application and process and pricing overview provided to potential customers following initial email inquiry or phone call discussion.
  • ISA process and pricing overview is confidential and proprietary between ISA and customer prospects.
  • ISA requests prospective customer to send product ingredient statements and production process flowcharts.

Submission and Receipt of Application with Product Statements & Flowcharts

  • ISA receives application and product information to:
  • begin drafting the service agreement,
  • commence Halal product review and analysis, and
  • add customer facility location(s) to the Halal audit facility inspection schedule
  • audit date is only finalized once service agreement is signed and ISA QA has approved products for certification.

Service Agreement Executed

Halal Audit Facility Inspection Scheduled and Completed

Halal Certification Issued

  • Upon the successful completion of the Halal facility audit inspection visit, customer is invoiced for:
  • Audit inspection fee
  • Halal facility audit inspection travel expenses and auditor per diem salary
  • Facility certification - good through end of current calendar year (or as negotiated if certified in 4th quarter)
  • Halal product review – one time charge per product
  • Halal product certification – per product good through end of current calendar year (or as negotiated if certified in 4th quarter)
  • Upon receipt of payment, Halal facility and product certification is issued – scanned original by email and hard copy by mail or courier as requested.
  • ISA logo and seal are sent to customer for use on product labels and packaging.
  • Facility and products are recertified annually.
  • New products and facilities may be added at any time.