Certification Services

What is Halal Certification? 

Islamic Services of America's logo indicates that the Halal status of your product or service is being independently monitored by the staff of Islamic Services of America.  Our logo is recognized by the Muslim consumer as ​a sign that your products meet the Halal standards.  For business, ISA has streamlined the process, making quality recognized Halal certification practical, efficient, and affordable from a cost and implementation standpoint.

For more information please fill out an Information Request Form.  An ISA Customer Account Coordinator will review your form and contact you with information that is relevant to your company or organization.

Customized Certification Process

When you complete your application for certification, you will be asked to provide information about your company in order for ISA to facilitate the certification process.  ISA personnel will work with you to structure a service agreement and manage the product review and facility audit inspection processes to meet the needs and goals of your organization.

Company Profile and Contact Information

Please identify the name, title, phone and email address information for your primary contacts in Operations, Sales, QA/QC, Marketing, Regulatory etc.) to expedite and coordinate matters with.  Tell us about your company and describe your objectives, needs and goals.

Production Facility Profile

The maintenance of a Halal program requires the close involvement of the facility QA and production supervisors.  Elements include: who is in charge of your production facility, who orders raw materials, who manages the production lines and who is in charge of packaging, labeling and storage of the finished products.  If the products intended for certification are made and/or stored at more than one facility, we will need to know the location of each production site and a plant profile for each site.

Raw Materials Used

  • For a product to be considered Halal, all of its ingredients need to be Halal.
  • Halal sensitive materials may be approved, at ISA’s sole discretion, from internationally recognized Halal certifying sources.
  • Identification of the manufacturer for each item may be required.
  • Other factors in the plant may affect the Halal status of the product. 
    • Are release agents Halal?
    • Are other products on the same processing line Halal?
  • A complete raw material and ingredient listing for each product is required.  ISA mutually expects and respects proprietary and confidential information.  If requested, ISA will sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement when submitted.

Product Description

Tell us about the product(s) for certification.

  • The ingredient component list will help us determine if the product can be Halal.
  • The primary label brand name and any private labels (i.e., when your company's name does not appear) are required.
  • The distributor's name and particulars (if and when applicable).

Initial Audit and Evaluation

Following the successful completion of the product and ingredient review, a facility audit will be scheduled with an ISA Halal Quality Assurance Auditor.


  • Upon the review and final approval of the audit, a certificate will be issued and Halal production may commence.
  • ISA logo and seal will be forwarded to be used on packaging. The Halal certification logo can be added to your package upon your scheduled package refresh.