ISA Director's Letter

Greetings from ISA

It’s my pleasure and my duty to lead our organization as we endeavor to not only meet the Halal needs of our global customers and consumers but to make it our mission to exceed their expectations.

The Halal industry spans everything from the slaughter and processing of meat and poultry to food ingredients and finished products to non-food industrial goods and machinery to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Our customers are seeking reputable Halal certification of their goods and products to help them remain competitive in their existing markets and to expand and reach new markets.

Global Halal consumers and their respective countries are seeking the same reputable Halal certification for goods and products that reach their stores, their tables and ultimately their families.  As a result, we carefully follow criteria and document processes that analyze product contents and the facilities where they are produced.  In some cases, we work with other Halal certifying bodies we trust and know to support their verification and certification processes of raw materials, ingredients or processes that precede our final certification steps.

Hence, it is through these efforts that we bring traceability and accountability to the Halal certification process – something ISA has been doing for a long time and will continue to do for an even longer time!


Timothy M. Hyatt
Managing Director