About ISA

Who We Are

Halal certification and auditing services has made Islamic Services of America (ISA) a globally recognized symbol of Halal integrity.  Islamic Services of America is a leading Halal Certification body in the United States and North America, recognized internationally in every sector of the Halal industry including meat and poultry, slaughter and production services.

Halal education, review of certification processes and procedures, answering simple questions like "What is Halal?" to more complex questions on additives, preservatives, flavorings, and colorings is part of what we do here at Islamic Services of America.  In essence, Islamic Services of America serves as an information hub on Halal products, procedures, and practices for consumers and businesses.

The professionals at Islamic Services of America not only answer daily questions via email and phone; we attend and speak at conferences, visit and exhibit at select food industry trade shows and conduct training programs and seminars.

ISA is happy to offer unparalleled customer service and be your full service Halal certifier.